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Study Mentor Recordings Shareview Extension


As a Study Mentor student, you will have access to your recordings share view until a week after your module finishes. If you would like to extend your access for the entire academic year, you can do so for £25. This will give you access to the teaching recordings and question bank links for the entire year up until 31st August 2024! This option is only available to purchase if you were previously enrolled onto that specific module. If you attempt to purchase an extension for a module for which you were not previously enrolled, you will be refunded.

Did you know that over 90% of our summer school students get at least 1 medical, dental or vet school offer?

"I love Medic Mentor and everything they have helped me to achieve! I first found them in February 2020 when I attended the GIM conference. Since then, my journey with Medic Mentor hasn't stopped. I attended the Summer school in my Year 12 summer which was an invaluable experience. It is such great value for money, the summer school is not just a week long. There is continued mentoring throughout Year 13, until you get into Medical School. I would not be a second year medical student without them and I cannot recommend MM enough!"
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"Medic Mentor (esp vet mentor) has been an such a vital part of growing my confidence as an applying student and now as a vet student. They do everything they can to support you including mock interviews and virtual work experience. They have students at the heart of what they do and I am very grateful for what they've helped me achieve!"
trustpilot review
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